Our know-how at your service

Professional Consulting

As a Consultant Chef I take care of every aspect and detail for the opening of your restaurant from the study of the menu to the training of the staff, from the design of the brand to the concept brand of your restaurant. If food is the King, the team working in the kitchen and in the dining room can be defined as the Queen! Management of professionalism, organisation of roles, division of tasks, respect for deadlines and customer care are the aspects on which I focus; with the aim of forming a reliable, cohesive working group in which mutual respect and respect for one another's roles are the essential prerequisites on which to base excellent service.

I will help you put your ideas into practice and create a successful restaurant business.
As a Chef Consultant I will study for you the best strategies to reduce costs and increase profits, making your customers happy and satisfied.

Your New Menu


Menu engineering is the set of techniques for designing your menu to increase the profitability of your establishment.
My method is as exclusive as a tailor-made suit, fully customisable in terms of content, timing and style.

My mission is to increase profits by managing the food cost of dishes in a more rational way. Investing time to understand how your menus must first be designed and then positioned in the best way, for the needs of your customers, a fundamental step towards the success of your business.